DRACENA / Dracaena Magenta /


DRACENA / Dracaena Magenta /

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Plant height = 120 cm
Pot diameter = 21 cm

P L A N T   C A R E

C L I M A T E | Sunny, bright place, also tolerates a shaded place. Never place the plant in direct sunlight, as this will burn its foliage. Well-ventilated rooms.

W A T E R I N G | For very moderate watering, allow the soil to dry before watering. I don't like watering or drying. The plant likes leaf wetting.

F E R T I L I Z A T I O N | 1x in two weeks

N O T E S |  Moisturizes and cleans the room air. The plant is poisonous to animals.

Plant for sale without a decorative pot