AIR PLANT / Tillandsia /
AIR PLANT / Tillandsia /
AIR PLANT / Tillandsia /


AIR PLANT / Tillandsia /

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Plant diameter | = 13 - 15 cm

P L A N T   C A R E

C L I M A T E | Suitable for both bright and shaded places. Well ventilated room.
Suitable temperature / 10 ° - 35 ° C / 

W A T E R I N G | The plant should be sprayed with water, the frequency of which depends on the humidity of the room. In rooms with very dry air - the plant should be soaked in a water bath from time to time, but then thoroughly dried to prevent moisture from accumulating between the leaves and roots. 

S O I L | Not necessary. The plant absorbs all the necessary nutrients with air. The use of moss is also not recommended, the roots of the plant are intended only for it to adhere to stones or other plants in nature.

N O T E S |  It is easy to grow, very unpretentious. These plants can be used in the most creative ways.