Chlorophyte Chlorophytum |
Chlorophyte Chlorophytum |


Chlorophyte Chlorophytum |

Normal price €6.50

S |
Height 20 cm
Pot diameter 11 cm

M |
Height 30 cm
Pot diameter 12 cm

L |
Height 45 cm
Pot diameter 12 cm


The size of the plant shown in the picture is L

The offer of decorative tiles is very wide. Both their design and color tones differ. High-quality ceramic pots and plastic pots are available. Along with the variety, so does their price.
If you trust the taste of our florists, they will choose the most suitable pot for this plant at the indicated price.
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CLIMATE Indoor plant that will grow in both sunniest and shady placesa. Tit will not be significantly affected by temperature fluctuations. Humidity is also not importantHowever, if you want the chlorophyte to grow beautiful and bushy, keep it in a bright place at room temperature. The plant can burn in direct sunlight.

W A T E R I N G |  In summer - during the growing season should be watered regularly, not allowing the soil to dry out. In winter, the topsoil should be allowed to dry between waterings. 

FISHING  During the growing season 1x in two weeks.

AUGSNE Universal land of houseplants.

N O T E S |  Cleans indoor air well. Chlorophytes, as very low-demand and hardy plants, have been grown indoors for a long time and have not lost their popularity even today.