CAMELIA / Camellia japonica /
CAMELIA / Camellia japonica /
CAMELIA / Camellia japonica /


CAMELIA / Camellia japonica /

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Height = 65 cm | red

                | = 90 cm white
Pot diameter | height = 18 cm | 15 cm

P L A N T   C A R E

CLIMATE Cool place / 7-16 ° C / and indirect sunlight, high humidity. 

W A T E R I N G | The soil must not be dried or overflowed. After flowering it is necessary to water less often. 

FISHING During flowering with the introduction of buds every two weeks. Potassium is an important component of fertilizer. 

AUGSNE Moderately acidic soil mixture. The recommended mixture in equal proportions - peat and houseplant soil, low in lime and perlite. 

N O T E S |  Flowering time is spring. To maintain the shape of the camellias, they should be pruned regularly in the spring after flowering.