Insectivore Nepenthes |
Insectivore Nepenthes |
Insectivore Nepenthes |


Insectivore Nepenthes |

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The offer of decorative tiles is very wide. Both their design and color tones differ. High-quality ceramic pots and plastic pots are available. Along with the variety, so does their price.
If you trust the taste of our florists, they will choose the most suitable pot for this plant at the indicated price.
However, if you want to choose the tile yourself, contact the store and find out the options and prices currently available.
If the selected pot does not match the price offered in the online store, then the payment for the plant and the pot is made in the "My Purchase" section - by selecting the amount to be paid for the purchase and providing a short comment.
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C L I M A T E | Very bright place, but not in direct sunlight. Ideal if you can ensure sharp fluctuations in air temperature during the day / 25 ° - 30 ° / and at night / around 10 ° / 

W A T E R I N G | It is desirable to keep the plant moderately moist, not to dry or water it. Distilled or rainwater is most suitable. If tap water is used for watering, it is advisable to at least stop it.

S O I L | A well-draining, composed of sphagnum moss and sand, can be used as a substrate for orchids. The plant can be propagated by rooting the cut parts.

F E R T I L I Z A T I O N | If the plant is fed insects, no additional fertilization is required.

N O T E S |  Suitable for growing in a pot. There is no need for a period of dormancy, because the plant continues to grow slowly even in winter.