ORCHID / Phalaenopsis /
ORCHID / Phalaenopsis /


ORCHID / Phalaenopsis /

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Height = 100 cm
Pot diameter | height = 13 cm | 9 cm

Plastic pot diameter 17 cm

P L A N T   C A R E

CLIMATE Need bright place, but need to protect from direct sunlight.  Ideally 27- 32° C per day and 16 - 18°C at night.  Low temperatures can cause the leaves to fall. From May to September need to protect the plant from direct sunlightto not burn the leaves. A humid climate is needed. 

W A T E R I N G | The orchid likes it abundant watering to soak the entire substrate. But then drain the tile thoroughly. Be careful from wetting the substrates as this can cause root rot. 

FISHING During active growth, use green fertilizer for each watering. Do not fertilize when the orchid is not growing.  

AUGSNE In the soil it must include high marsh peat with an acidity of 4, heather soil with an acidity of 5,5, conifer sawdust, sand and moss so that the mixture is crushed. The acidity of the obtained substrate should be 5-6 units. Can also be used chopped conifer bark.  

N O T E S |  Check the leaves regularly, and especially under them, for any pests. Yellowing and falling of the upper leaves may indicate rot of the growth center. In this case, you must act quickly and remove all rotten parts, leaving only healthy tissue. It grows best in small pots. 

 Plant with delicate, small flowers