SUCCESS / mix /
SUCCESS / mix /
SUCCESS / mix /


SUCCESS / mix /

Normal price € 3.50

Plant height = 12 cm
Pot diameter = 7 cm

The succulent mix, in almost every addition, surprises with different-looking plants.
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C L I M A T E | Room temperature. Bright place, but not in direct sunlight.

W A T E R I N G | Water only when the ground is dry, even withered. Excessive moisture is dangerous to plant life. It is better to dry the succulents than to water them. Pour a little water. During the winter, the amount and frequency of watering can be further reduced, as there is much less sunlight in the room. In winter, the plant needs a period of dormancy to be able to bloom.

F E R T I L I Z I N G | A few times a year using a special fertilizer for succulents. 

S O I L | Air and moisture permeable, better to use a special soil designed specifically for succulents. Must contain sand, earth and bark. It is advisable to transplant the plant only when there is no more space for the root system in the pot. The pot should not be larger than the diameter of the plant itself. By transplanting the plant in a larger pot, it will give all the energy to create a stronger root system, so it is unlikely to bloom. Until then, the top layer of the plant can be renewed every year.

N O T E S |  Properly cared for, succulents also bloom.