Olive tree Olea europaea
Olive tree Olea europaea
Olive tree Olea europaea
Olive tree Olea europaea


Olive tree Olea europaea

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S | Plant height | 45 cm | Mrode diameter | 12 cm

M |Plant height | 70 cm | pot diameter | 19 cm

L | Plant height | 80 cm | pot diameter | 19 cm

XL| Plant height | 110 cm | pot diameter | 28 cm


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CLIMATE Very sunny place, at least 6 hours a day direct sun. Fresh, humid air all year round. In summer, the plant can be taken out on the balcony or in the garden. In winter, when there is little light, it is recommended to place the olive tree in a bright place where the temperature is 5 ° - 10 ° C, as the plant has a dormant period. 

WATERING In a warm and bright room, the plant is watered more often (1 - 2x a week), but in a cool, less lit - less often. Water regularly, creating a watering mode. Watering in moderation, it is important to prevent the roots from drying out or watering, as this can lead to the death of the plant. Between waterings, it is recommended to dry the ground. Before pouring, it is recommended to keep the water at room temperature for at least a few hours. The plant will be grateful if it can be covered with rainwater, because the olive trees love soft water. During dormancy, the plant is rarely watered, keeping it almost dry.

FISHING from spring to autumn once a month feed with organic fertilizer.

AUGSNE Heavy, sandy soil with excellent air and water permeability, so it is recommended to add expanded clay or perlite to the soil. Soil for cacti is also suitable. The plant is transplanted every 2 - 3 years, from spring to autumn.

N O T E S |  Olive foliage should be formed each spring by cutting out sick, weak, broken branches.