Golden scindapsis Epipremnum aureum
Golden scindapsis Epipremnum aureum
Golden scindapsis Epipremnum aureum
Golden scindapsis Epipremnum aureum


Golden scindapsis Epipremnum aureum

Normal price €5.00

Height 22 cm
Pot diameter 12 cm

The offer of decorative tiles is very wide. Both their design and color tones differ. High-quality ceramic pots and plastic pots are available. Along with the variety, so does their price.
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CLIMATE The plant also adapts to a very shady place, but grows best in a moderately bright room. The more light the plant gets, the more its good color with light spots. In a very shady place, the leaves of the plant become evenly dark green. Avoid direct sunlight! The Z or A side light is most suitable.

WATERING Levenly and moderately. The darker the place, the less often it should be watered. Beware of transfusions. The plant is hardy, also tolerates dry air and infrequent watering, but moist air is best. Will be grateful if its leaves are sprayed.

AUGSNE Suitable for classical houseplants, can be mixed with a little cactus soil mixture. The main condition is that the land is well drained, breathable and does not accumulate excess moisture.

N O T E S |  The plant is also called Devil's Ivy, because it is almost impossible to kill, it is hardy and survives even in the darkest rooms.